Stories of Hope

The oak tree is a symbol of strength. Its deep roots represent being grounded in your values and knowing what you stand for. The circle represents the fact that we can’t do anything alone, but if we grow deep roots and surround ourselves with the right team there is nothing that can’t be overcome and accomplished. That is why we want to share these stories with you all, to show the power of overcoming and choosing to make the most of all circumstances. We hope these journeys of hope will inspire you to rise above the struggles you are facing and choose to live with hope!

MacDaniel Graff’s Story of Teamwork

Mac is a very special friend of mine. I was introduced to him at a young age when Mac‘s Dad was my head football coach.  As I grew and joined the Military, I always tried to keep up to date [...]

Michael Schlitz’s Story of Hope

I met Mike Schlitz several years ago and from the time I met him, he has only continued to inspire me personally and so many others. I remember hearing his story for the first time and it deeply [...]