MacDaniel Graff’s Story of Teamwork

Mac is a very special friend of mine. I was introduced to him at a young age when Mac‘s Dad was my head football coach.  As I grew and joined the Military, I always tried to keep up to date [...]

Michael Schlitz’s Story of Hope

I met Mike Schlitz several years ago and from the time I met him, he has only continued to inspire me personally and so many others. I remember hearing his story for the first time and it deeply [...]

Adventure on the Ice

I had the opportunity to meet up with the group I am climbing Denali with this past weekend in Colorado.  I landed in Denver early Friday morning and went on a nice 5 mile hike up and back a [...]

Getting To The Gym

After a year and a half of working at Gonzaga, I finally decided to find my way to the gym. Well, I did not know where to start and needed to ask a friend for help. You see, sounding much like a [...]


After three new jobs, in three different states and now having three boys, Tiffany and I finally made time to take a vacation. What sweet relaxation it was walking on the beach with my beautiful [...]

Daughters of the American Revolution

Last weekend, the Daughters of the American Revolution presented me with their Medal of Honor. It was quite a surprise to be greeted by family, friends and co-workers. It seems everyone knew but [...]

Semester End

The semester at Gonzaga is coming to a close and I am able to reflect on this year with pride. The Gonzaga Cadets had many weeks of hard training and accomplished a lot. Ranger Challenge was a [...]

Turkey Trot

Living so close to Pasco, WA, I was finally able to spend time with my family this Thanksgiving. On the drive, I started thinking about the relaxing morning I was going to have. No work. Kids [...]

Ranger Challenge

Getting settled into my new job at Gonzaga has been anything but dull! The past few weeks have kept me busy planning the Ranger Challenge for the area’s ROTC schools. Gonzaga’s ROTC [...]

National Basketball Team

Along with Lieutenant General Brown and Colonel Gadson, I was requested by Coach K to speak to the US Olympic Basketball Team. A friend from work joined me down in Las Vegas, where I met some of [...]

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