Today is the Day!!! We finally get to move into our new house and get all of our belongings back and attempt to return to a somewhat “normal” life. We all woke early with an extra zest in our step. Hotel hopping and eating out was getting really old for us. As we loaded up the car for the last time it felt good to know I would not have to repack the car anytime soon!

We decided to stop quickly at Starbucks before the meeting to sign final paperwork for the house. Tiffany and Cokes (Nicole) leave me and the boys in the car while they run inside. The AC is on since it was already 100 degree with humidity in Columbus. Tiffany returned and made a comment “our gas light is on.”  Everything is good in my world as I’m finally sucking down some coffee.

Two minutes into our drive on I-180 South, Tiffany starts to panic “I have no power, I’m pushing the gas SCOTTY and nothing is happening.” In a split second I feel our car being jerked across medians and then comes to an instant stop. “We’re out of gas, we’re out of gas” is all I hear Tiffany saying.

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