8575988615_ec44c3f6b4_zCalvary Christian Center in Yuba City, CA dedicates Memorial Day weekend to honoring Veterans and military personnel. The event is called “A Grateful Nation Remembers” and it focuses on honoring the Soldiers who gave their lives for our Country. The ceremony puts a great deal of emphasis on thanking our Vietnam Veterans. Volunteers in the community came together to put on a moving play, depicting the struggles of the Vietnam Veteran. The play gave you a sense of the events they witnessed, the great loss of life, and the emptiness they felt when they returned home. It’s a reminder of how vital our support of our troops are, when they’re fighting, but especially when they return home.

I met Nagan, a woman who was one of the last people helicoptered out of Vietnam by US Troops. She comes to this event every year to express her gratitude to Veterans who rescued her from her war torn land.

A Memorial to the OIF and OEF Soldiers was built to honor their lives given. Every fallen Soldier from these two wars is written on the Memorial. A man spoke in front of the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” about why he fought for our country. Behind the stage was a small scale, exact replica of the Vietnam Memorial. Quite moving.

I was humbled to be included among Keynote Speaker and Vietnam Veteran, Dave Roever. A phosphorous grenade exploded in his hand, leaving most of his body burned. He was in critical condition and spent 14 months in the hospital. Dave has a message of survival and hope, that encourage students and Soldiers alike.

I am proud to be among these people, honoring the Soldiers who gave their lives for our country. I thank the Church that worked so hard and put everything together for us Veterans. Most of all, I thank the men and women in our great Country that gave there all, their life.

Thank you.

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