Bloomsday is an annual 12K run that takes place in Spokane, WA every year. Tiffany, her sister Nicole, the boys and I ran in it this year. I lived in Eastern Washington for 10 years and never took the time to participate in this race. What a blast to run with over 50,000 runners!

The morning started for me at 5:30 AM, when my son Grady came into our room. I asked him what he was doing up so early and he said, “the race!” Like it was Christmas morning, or something. After a couple more hours of sleep, we were in downtown Spokane with thousands of others. Ready to run. Grady and Graham joined the fun in a stroller, with the help of Tiffany and Nicole. I ran with a co-worker of mine, but with 50,000 people, it was more like a struggle. Shoulder to shoulder, I felt people buzzing around me for most of the run. I haven’t ran that long for months and man, will I be sore tomorrow.

It feels so good to be back in Washington, enjoying the outdoors and feeling apart of our new home in Spokane.

  • Koukou

    You’re insane man that’s all I’m going to say. Flee Evie!!! Run far away! HE SWORE HE WAS GOING TO DIE AND WOULD NEVER RUN AGAIN AFTER THE LAST MARATHON, and now look at him. Can we say, adcdit?And 50,000 people, wow I’ve heard of that race but I didn’t know it was so big.Keep it up man, you are inspiring me to take a look at tuning up my road bike again

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