Along with Lieutenant General Brown and Colonel Gadson, I was requested by Coach K to speak to the US Olympic Basketball Team. A friend from work joined me down in Las Vegas, where I met some of the best basketball players and coaches in the world. I spoke to the team on Wednesday morning before practice and discussed the importance of selfless service and what it meant to me and how it also applies to them. I shook each players and coaches hand and thanked them for representing our Country by wearing the Stars and Stripes.

We were then able to go to their practice and I had the opportunity to listen to Blake Griffin and Tyson Chandler. They both had microphones on their chests and described play by play what they were doing. Through their descriptions, I was right there on the court. I was a silent member of the team. Wondering who our opponent was, I found out the National Team uses NBA players to scrimmage. The NBA players were giving them a run for their money. In the end, the National Team learned a great deal about team work and was able to win the practice game.

On the final day, I watched the men play the Dominican Republic National Team in a game. The arena was packed with fans. The crowd was so loud, I had trouble listening to my buddy describe what was happening. It’s hard to beat court side seats, watching America’s best basketball players!

I would like to thank Coach K and the National Team for inviting me to speak and share what I have learned over the few short years I have supported my Country. I know they will bring the Gold home. I would also like to thank Lieutenant General Brown and Colonel Gadson for their service to our great and amazing Country. Thank you all.

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