8577107860_1a9a7287a7_kAfter three new jobs, in three different states and now having three boys, Tiffany and I finally made time to take a vacation. What sweet relaxation it was walking on the beach with my beautiful wife in Maui. I didn’t realize how much I needed the break. Often times I find myself believing that success will come only if I say yes to every opportunity that comes my way. I spread myself too thin. My temper shortens, my energy lessens and attitude worsens. Taking a break, taking time off from the daily monotony helps me put life in perspective.

The six days I took were not only relaxing, but rejuvenating. My wife and I spent mornings walking along the beach, listening to the ocean waves crashing onto the sand. It was needed quality time, sharing our hopes and dreams for the future. The feeling of sand under my feet and the smell of fresh salt water air has a way of calming the soul.

I didn’t realize how life’s pressures and stresses had become so consuming until I was sitting on a catamaran in the Pacific. As the boat heaved and swayed I felt the ocean breeze and the cool waters. The rhythmic motions mimicked the ups and downs of life. This was my Sabbath, my rest.

Have an amazing week!

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