522358_490013504364894_890766311_nLiving so close to Pasco, WA, I was finally able to spend time with my family this Thanksgiving. On the drive, I started thinking about the relaxing morning I was going to have. No work. Kids with Grandparents. Sleep…”Oh, I signed us up for the Turkey Trot tomorrow morning,” Tiffany tells me. What?! No time to train. “Who am I running with?” “How long is this trot?” All valid questions when running with Tiffany’s family, who always seems to be in top shape. I was relieved to hear it was just 3 miles and I would be able to do it no problem. My next thought, “who am I running with?” I know Tiffany’s dad is ridiculously fast, even if he has 20 to 25 years on me. The other likely candidate was my brother-in-law, Andy who just finished a full Ironman. How was I to keep up?

Andy ran the Duathlon with me this summer, so I knew he would be a great partner. Tiffany, being 8+ months pregnant decided to walk the 1 miler with the rest of the kids. Andy and I kept up with Dad the first mile and a half until he decided to make a break and run ahead. The course was crowded, which forced us to go slower. And I was not complaining!

The last half of the course, the road widened which allowed us more room to speed up. My brother in law told me he had dad in his sites and we could pass him at any time. I told him that we should wait till the last 100 meters to pass him. So, we kept him in our sites. Nearing the end, we picked up our pace and passed him. I said, “See you at the finish line,” as we passed him. “Ok,” was all he said. Well, let’s just say Andy and I kicked too soon and didn’t pay attention. With 10 meters to go, Dad sped past us. I lost.

It was fun, though. I can hardly wait until next year, and maybe with a little more training.

What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?

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